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When I was a child, I did everything my father did. Paint the room, he ‘d put a dry plastic cleaning bag over me to keep most of me free from paint. Mow the line. Whatever it was, a part of the action I wanted. Okay my dad started to take guitar lessons when I was about 11 years old. Of course I wanted to take some guitar lessons too. We took lessons from various teachers and now I can see why he was grown up and needed lessons from adult guitar. Visit us on Guitar Lessons near me.

With retrospect, I can now see the irony behind guitar lessons for beginners as young as I was, and adult guitar lessons. I was very fortunate because we had highly trained guitar instructors and skilled players to train us. The standard of the education I got was second to none and I doubt that there are today too many private tutors with the experience and teaching skills of those two gentlemen.

These were not electric guitar lessons as a history. I lived in Maryland and what happened at the time was that my father attended a performance with a well-known jazz guitarist who is still well known today. His name was byrd Charlie. In 1999 Mr Byrd died. Oh, my father has asked Mr Byrd who was his teacher. Mr. Byrd answered he didn’t have a instructor, but he had a coach and Aaron Shearer is his name.

Aaron Shearer is the daddy of classical guitar instruction. While he was a great guitar player, he saw the flaw in the teaching methods of that period and developed what is now considered the finest curriculum and books for guitar lessons today.

Nonetheless, it’s quite clear that Mr. Yeatman, who was my teacher and a professional jazz guitar player, was unparalleled in his teaching skills, since I took lessons from him as he specialized in guitar lessons for beginners for children.

My dad took his lessons from Mr Shearer, on the other side of the pancake. He dealt with adults better and that dealt out for us both. Even though we were both beginner guitar players, for my brother, Aaron shearer had a different plan than the one Mr Yeatman had created for me, a boy.

I loved my lessons and was still practicing every day before Jimi Hendrix entered the scene and that was the end of my guitar playing before 2007. Life had gotten in the way. I was then 52 years old, and required lessons for adults. Okay, my teacher really knew his things, he went to the music school in Berklee and could play guitar like some of the great masters, he was in player group of Jeff Beck. He died last March.

Richard and I became best friends, while I stopped teaching with him about 3 years ago. I didn’t feel like I got what I wanted out of the private lessons and it cost me a lot to go back from week to week and year to year. It wasn’t personal and till the day he died we remained best friends. RIP Father Richard Bro.

My quest for an adult qualitative guitar course ended with a course specifically designed for adults, not children. With much of what Richard showed me and what I could eat off the internet, I learned to be a good guitar player in blues. I’m a hard worker and I love him.