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If you talk about planning the ideal bachelor party, think first and foremost about your bachelor’s degree program. Although you definitely want to do an excellent job, it’s not you who need the spotlight, but the bachelorette, the evening’s lady. This will be, after all, the prelude to the most important day of her life, so take this opportunity to create a fun bachelorette party, one that will live in her memory for years to come. Checkout male strippers for more info.

There are a multitude of ideas for a bachelor’s degree and whether you choose anything radical or more conventional will depend on you, your budget, and particularly your good bachelorette friend.

They’d imagine X-rated clubs, limo rides, and girls having a wild time over the years when someone was dreaming about a bachelorette party, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Essentially, what you’re doing is respecting your mate, not just giving her a single last night, but showing that you care, that you wish her well now and into the future.

Having a night at the spa, eating at a great restaurant, camping, visiting a theme park, buying male blowup dolls, hiring a role-playing male stripper, spending a night at the casino, dressing up as Southern beauty and parading down Main Street, the bachelorette ideas run the gamut.

There’s really no limit to what you can do for a perfect bachelorette party and it’s almost too numerous to mention the bachelorette ideas, but since I’m a blogger, I’ve got to try the least.

I’m not going to talk about how to have a good time in a male strip club, you’re on your own, but if you want to do something a little different, how about a bachelor’s roast?

If you’re the honor maid you’ve probably known the bachelorette for years, maybe from childhood; and you’ve probably been involved in many nice (or funny) memories, this is your chance to open the time capsule and spread love.

Most of us have seen celebrity roasts on TV, and while many are highly off-color, it doesn’t have to be so. You and close friends will literally have a great time exchanging memories, showing videos (some funny, some embarrassing), doing karaoke and more. Each person should have time to tell his or her story; share their memories and see if they can make her laugh (or perhaps blush). Not only will that make her different, it’s a unique and brilliant idea for a bachelorette.

Because not all of us girls are styles of Martha Stewart, what defines your bachelor’s, is she into extreme sports? If so, plan a sport-including activity, letting her be the focus, while allowing everyone to take part.

My best friend loved helicopters, so we girls secretly decided to land in a nearby park where we picniced. It was a complete surprise as the helicopter landed over the speaker system, thus announcing the name of my mate. Naturally we would have come prepared with video cameras and encouraging words as she climbed into the copter to circle the park. It was a special bachelorette idea that she and I relived that afternoon several times, and it just shows that you sometimes need to think outside the bachelorette box.

BACHELORETTE IDEAS Does she like gambling, but you can name it “Gambling on Love” how to plan a casino night.

What about a Gypsy Palm Reader dressed for the role, ready to learn about her coming nuptials in the future.

Imagine a day at the salon, which does not like being pampered among us, complete with manicure, pedicure and massage of deep tissues.

Although I can’t take credit for this next idea, it’s a terrific idea for a bachelorette, making a time capsule that can only be opened in emergency times, or five years from her wedding day, whichever comes first. Fill, the time capsule of the bachelorette with personal items, DVDs, photos (of old boyfriends?), and something special to her, something that will bring a smile to her face when years from now open.