Karate For Kids – The Benefits

We’re living in a fast-paced environment, technology continues to take control, but where’s it all going for children?Have a look at Kickboxing for more info on this.

Instead of playing in the field or creating a tent in the nearby forests, kids live co-oped up at home, stuck in front of the Television, with the newest deal from the world of video games. Children are too quick to become lazy and end up becoming overweight or even obese!

Not only will the children who go to practice karate get much required training and social contact, karate also involves developing character and life skills.

Karate is steeped in both theory and the ancient methods of war. Good old Karate instructors, teach the development of character above combat. Master Gichin Funakoshi said, “Karate’s ultimate goal is not victory or defeat, but its participants’ perfection of character.”

A successful karate instructor can not just teach karate gestures, a successful karate school would inspire all the important life lessons including, accomplishment, modesty, commitment, loyalty, initiative, etc. A karateka (someone who performs karate), should be trained to value their fellow karateka, demonstrating appreciation for others in the dojo, would contribute to the same being demonstrated beyond the karate dojo.

Achievement plays a major part of a successful karate dojo, that may be anything from trying a new karate move or variation, joining a tournament or belt exam, perfecting a karate kata (form), etc. Karate lessons for kids will be enjoyable and intense, find out karate classes for kids in your region and see if you can attend a normal lesson. They will include all of the above, plus a ton more. Invite your child to go, if they do.

Karate classes are good for children, then? Yeah!-YES! And I think it should be mandatory in all schools but I’m a bit biased again!