Choose A Dedicated Server

What’s a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server is a single networked (internet) device. Each machine is devoted to a particular individual or organization, with all of its computing resources. It ensures that no-one else owns the machine space. You have complete machine power, so you are free to run any program on the device you want. check this out

Typically dedicated servers are used to handle queries from web pages (html, photos, videos… etc) but they may also be used for several other purposes.

Do I need one file, or more?

In order to simplify matters, we should split the usage of dedicated servers into two groups:-Complete Web site Hosting Basic Application Hosting (database, email, httpd… etc)-Simple Web site Hosting of one or more websites. All the services / programs (http software, DB software, email software… etc) are enabled in this form of configuration and operate on one dedicated server. Often they may also refer to such services / programs as “servers” themselves.

This is the growing configuration for small to medium-sized trafficked websites because all the requisite software is installed on one physical computer to operate the Website.

The benefit of this system is that it decreases the complexity but the downside is that all the computer resources are shared among all the applications and processes.

General Server Running On its own dedicated server, running a specific program or device. All the resources on the computer are primarily allocated to one form of operation or feature. For eg, one could just host Database Applications on the server and all the resources on that computer are devoted to performing Database Queries just. You may answer more requests, or get more pages shipped.

Typically this kind of configuration can operate on medium to heavily trafficked websites.

Standard configuration will consist of one or more servers that can only manage requests from the network (http), instead one or more servers can manage requests from the website only, and then one or two servers will handle only email handling. Theoretically the number of servers is not reduced. Such systems are employed as a community operating together to take the millions of requests a day.