Chiropractic Care of Students

The end of summer will undoubtedly be a bittersweet time for children and adults alike. While some kids are sadly going back to college, some are looking forward to new school uniforms, new school supplies and a new school year. Families are also happy to have their children busy 5 days a week without having to think about keeping children amused or looking for childcare services. On the other hand, the traffic and back-to – school planning can become very stressful for parents. Luckily chiropractic care is here for you and your family as we start the season back to school. Through keeping you and your children safe and ready to take on the new school year, chiropractic treatment will help with back-to – school tension. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that chiropractic care can help with the stress of back to school. Read more on Physical Evidence Chiropractic: David Lipman, DC.

  1. Check-Ups back to school with The Chiropractor. Chances are you had at least one child in your family who included a trip to your family physician, eye doctor, or dentist before the school year started. What’s wrong with chiropractic care? Have you checked at your kid before he or she goes back to school for the next year. When your child had a summer injury, carrying a heavy bookbag or resuming sports or other after-school activities could make the pain worse for your child. A perfect way to help alleviate back-to – school stress for both parents and children is to ensure that your child is in full harmony and free from any pain until they work hard for another successful school year.
  2. Help your kids maintain their proper posture. Think about the amount of time your kids spend sitting this school year. Spending hours in the same seat can be extremely detrimental to the spine as well as to circulation. What many parents do not know is how badly they may have their child sitting at school. Make sure your child learns how to use correct posture while sitting to reduce back-to – school tension. A perfect way to maintain a good posture as a child sits is for them to try to keep their ears above their elbows, the elbows above their hips and a curve in their neck and lower back.
  3. Time management for parents and children is crucial in reducing back-to – school tension. The school year is potentially highly stressful. Between school, sports, after school events, potential part-time jobs, homework and trying to find time for family and friends, it’s easy to believe there’s just not enough time in the day to do what you need to do. Beforetime preparation will give you a much better understanding of time management. Begin planning earlier bedtime and wake-up times a couple of weeks before school starts. It is necessary to get enough sleep too. Children ( and adults will be sure to eat a good breakfast and have a nutritious lunch packed and ready for school. If the snooze button is a issue in your home, look for a mobile alarm device that eliminates the snooze button. Using regular calendars or electronic reminders are also perfect ways to remind you and your family of important dates, appointments and deadlines.