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Mind refers to all facets of consciousness which are identified as memory, desire, imagination and emotional combinations. Mind is not anything disgusting which can be observed. His presence is nowhere seen, and his degree cannot be calculated in a simple scale of measure. If you’re looking for more tips, Miami Healthy Body Healthy Mind Association has it for you. Mind is also viewed as the synonym of thought in common culture. Some may suggest this phrase is a private conversation state with ourselves that we carry on within our heads. It is a private place, of which no one but the owner is allowed to access.

However, body and mind are closely intertwined and emotions play a major role in deciding one’s state of health.). The mind, one of the subtlest aspects of our being, is made of the lightest elements, air and ether. Stress and its detrimental effects on the immune system continues to be the biggest challenge to health. Our systemic immune system is profoundly influenced by similar social, physiological, endocrinological, dietary and environmental interactions.

Recent studies have shown over the past few years that 70 percent of all medical visits are stress-related, and 40% of employee turnover is stress-related. Indeed, some studies found that negative emotions impair immune function. Constant stress depletes the strength of the body, the capacity to adapt, the functions of coping are weakened and eventually the individual gets ill. When the mind is stressed, there are toxins in the blood on the loose, which causes more depression and lack of enthusiasm.

Studies conducted by the Heart Math Institute (IHM) have also shown that negative emotions, stress, anger cause disorder in the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and positive emotions of concern, feeling, and affection create equilibrium in the ANS, and directly increase heart efficiency and improve the immune system. A holistic approach to preserving good health requires growing wellbeing self-responsibility and a healthy attitude toward the mind.

We all wish for a strong and healthy spirit. Despite the challenges that come along, life is supposed to be a happy one. It may have recuperation, motivation and surprise, but our positive outlook and balanced approach to life will change the way we embrace things all over our life.