Reality about Sapphire Sleep

Any respectable organisation will be more than happy to complete your application. A lot of businesses will give you a sample pack of all the ingredients that make up their bed, but this is an excessive move and clearly overkill. The latex used in your mattress is pretty much the same from company to company, unless you are worried about latex allergies.For certain licences, follow up. Contact the provider to check that the retailer from whom you are considering purchasing your mattress is actually buying their goods from the provider with whom they have the certificates. Insisting on organic wool is the best way to make sure there’s nothing you don’t want in your wool. Learn more by visiting Mattress Near Me.

ANY AND ALL mattresses made and sold in the United States must pass a flame test under Federal law. Under the rule, before it ignites, a mattress must be exposed to a flame for 70 seconds. How this is done varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but by using chemicals, most manufacturers achieve this. These chemicals (boric acid, antimony and hexabromobiphenyl oxide) are the same chemicals that have been banned in Europe for years and the same chemicals used in roach-killing pesticides that have been related to reproductive and developmental disorders, damage to the heart and lungs, loss of hair and memory, SIDS, birth defects, inflammation of the skin and are considered carcinogens. Continued exposure to these contaminants allows the body to absorb and present itself in the fluid of the breast milk, bloodstream and umbilical cord.

Some manufacturers of organic mattresses generate an organic product just to spray it down to pass the flame law test with these chemicals. But that does not actually mean you are purchasing a chemical-free mattress when you are buying an organic mattress. It only means that you are buying a mattress that has been sprayed with chemicals made from organic materials. Only imagine the hypocrisy!