Senior Dimensions Medicare Advantage Plan Tips

Medicare Advantage Plans are highly popular with seniors in Las Vegas and Senior Dimensions is one of the oldest and leading companies providing health care to those Medicare beneficiaries who currently have original Medicare, Parts A & B.Do you want to learn more? Visit Insurance SoluTNS-Medicaid

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Bottom line:

Senior Dimensions has been in Las Vegas since the mid-1980s selling Medicare Advantage Plans. In the early 2000’s, United Healthcare group acquired Senior Dimensions as well as their parent company, Sierra Health and Life. United Healthcare is one of the United States ‘ largest health insurers and ranked among the top 20 largest companies on Forbes 500 list. United Healthcare is the only insurance company listed on the Dow 30 index.

The Plan is:

Their program, in Las Vegas, is an HMO. This plan will pay for the 20 per cent and deductibles not covered by the original Medicare. That includes all in one plan hospital, doctors, and drugs.

Many Benefits:

This plan offers its members an array of added benefits for little or no cost. Also, if you can see, hear, or chew, Medicare doesn’t matter.

The plan also offers transportation services, dental basics, hearing, eye exams, nurse line, and a membership in the gym.

United Healthcare also owns its own manufacturer of hearing aids, and can save its members on hearing aids.

Besides these benefits, they also have 2 Lifestyle centers located on Las Vegas’ East and Westside. These lifestyle centers are a hub of activity that allows members to get education, meet doctors, dance, play games, and for your convenience, the monthly schedule can be emailed to.


Southwest Medicare Associates are the network the plan uses, and they have many locations throughout southern Nevada. These centers are an all in one installation. That, all in one room, you can see the doctors, undergo medical testing, dental, vision , and hearing facilities.

In 2013, a new network named the Optum network was launched by Senior Dimensions. There are doctors who do not work for Southwest Medical Associates but have a contract to see members of Senior Level. That gives members even more choice of doctors and even more choice of locations.


Medicare requires all Medicare Advantage Plans to include drug coverage. Senior Dimensions offers an extensive list of 5 tier drugs. You will be subject to the provisions of co-payments and preparation, including the required Medicare costs.