Signs You have Mold Damage in Your Home – An Intro

To be frank, the question about the title is a little misleading. Mold spores are everywhere and up to 300,000 different species are known to be present. You will never fully rid your home of mold spores, no matter how meticulously you clean and filter the air in your building. Inactive mold spores are in fact, not problematic. They rarely show any health effects on humans or animals when they are in a dormant state. When they become involved, health problems with mold start. Additionally, mold can result in an extensive damage to your house. But how are you supposed to know when mold is active? Below are a few telling signs and conditions that will assist you in making the decision.Checkout for more info.

Clues the current mold is

First, if you see mold formation, you do not need a hint. Visual signs of mold are greenish splotches or black spots on walls. These are also observed in regions where dampness or wetness has recently occurred. Although it can not be recognized by just looking at it it can mean that it is time to submit a sample for some testing because there may be mold in your midst.
You can expect mold to develop soon if your home has sustained water damage. To cause mold formation, wetness and dampness establish optimal conditions. Be on the lookout for mold if you find bubbles or dimples in the ceiling, stains of yellow or brown water, soggy walls or broken window frames, ceiling mouldings or base boards.

Mold’s got a scent. Even if you’ve never smelled mold, when you finally smell mold for the first time, you won’t be mistaken. It has an overpowering, musty odor that you will certainly find. It might very well be mold if you smell anything strange. Even if the odor is restricted inside your home to one small room.
The chances are that you will be exposed to mold if you are sick and you just can’t get better. It may cause respiratory problems and headaches that are ongoing. Coughs, sinus infections, dizziness, sore eyes, irritated skin and more can be induced. Call a professional to check out your house for any signs of mold if you have ongoing symptoms.