What to Do When Your Garage Door Spring Breaks

If the garage door doesn’t open or shut you may have a damaged mechanism. You will repair a damaged spring as this occurs, by replacing it with a fresh one.

Adjust the door You will need to lift it when the spring breaks while the garage door is in down position. With the help of a friend, you can do this, because the door will be strong. Pick up the door and put it in its accessible and complete place. It is important to loosen the joints, so that they are not strained and tensed. To do this you need to disengage the chain system lock ring. Learn more about Veteran Garage Door Repair.

Prepare the Door Attach a pair of vise grips to the pad with the split spring to the side once the door is opened. Apply it on board under the last roller. That will keep the door from falling down. Disconnect from the garage door springs which are split. Test the pulleys are still in good condition. If the pulleys or bearings are worn then replace them.

The New Spring Test split spring width using a tape measure. The diameter of the other spring can be determined at the garage door as well. Take the measurements to a dealer who has pieces of garage doors which you can order. Make sure you buy two similar coils, in duration and diameter.

Attach New Spring Examine the unbroken spring at the garage door to see how the cable on the pulleys is mounted. Put onto the garage door the new spring. Place the cable in place, then secure under strain. Make sure this cable isn’t extending wider than 1 inch.

Repair Unbroken Spring Repairing the springs would require replacing both the broken spring and the unbroken spring for a garage door. This is needed, because new springs with the same strength should be used. Take off the track your vise grips, and attach them to the other side. Remove the unbroken spring, and set in place the new spring.

Check the Door the chain system lock bar on. Lift from the floor the vise grips and drop the door to the table. If the garage door does not reach the ground then the spring must be adjusted to enable the door to go further down to the ground.

Tips Make the garage door raise and lower to test your work. You will see if the springs are too loose, or if they are too close.